Intermediate French

Intermediate (French  Out Loud)

This 6 week program will focus on building  your vocabulary and speaking skills –  this class will help build your confidence in spoken French.  This class is similar in   many  ways to the Mini-Immersion Class, as our goal is to work entirely in French, but at a more basic level. 

This class is just as much social time (in your second language) as it is a French class - it's a great way to spend your evening!  There is a lot of discussion around current events, etc. and it's a perfect way to build on or maintain your French speaking skills.

Check for your class dates/times on the calendar


  • New students: $220.00 (includes HST and materials)
  • Returning students receive at  discount: $200.00 (includes HST and materials) 
  • 10% discount per new student you recruit (recruited student must register and complete one of the current programs)
  • Employers will receive discounts for enrolling more than one employee.
  • All course materials and receipts will be provided

Payment Options

  • Online Payment Options include email money transfers, Paypal or Credit Cards
  • Cash can be paid on the first night of your course
  • Cheques made payable to Blakely Language Services can be paid on the first night of your course
  • Shopico   deals *based on availability