Where are classes held?

As of March 2020, all  of our programs (classes and private  tutoring) are being offered online via Zoom. The information (below) will be helpful if/when we return to face-to-face classes. 

Classes are held at Bliss Carman Middle School - 615 Kimble Drive in Fredericton (E3B 0N4).  When you arrive  the first evening for your class,  there will be signs directing you from the front door to the classroom we'll be using. 

If you need any assistance locating your class, please call (447-1763) or email info@languageneeds.com.

Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions are held at a location that works for both you and the tutor. Typically, we meet somewhere like a coffee shop or the library.  If time/circumstances permit, we can meet with individuals  at their workplace ,  but there may be an extra fee for this  because of the extra  travel  time involved.   For safety reasons, we typically do not meet people in their homes, but  tutoring by phone is a great solution for students who are not able to leave home (no babysitter, too far away, bad weather, etc.).