Mini-Immersion Program


April 15, 2020 - Please note that due to Covid-19  restrictions, we are not able to offer any in-person classes at the present time. We continue to offer private tutoring (by phone or Zoom), our online French Grammar Class and  our Online French Classes. 

Information about our  Online French Grammar Class is available here:

Information about our  private tutoring is available here:

 This class is perfect for anyone who already has the basics of French - we work entirely in French in this program, so be ready to participate to the best of your ability!  This is a  perfect  class  for anyone who has gone through French Immersion to help refresh those skills.  The class is custom-designed each session to suit the skill level, needs and interests of the participants - it's  FUN, INTERACTIVE and very SOCIAL - plan to participate!

We spend a lot of time working on your vocabulary and oral skills, in areas such as:

  • Your  home and daily life
  • Decribing your job and workplace
  • How to answer the phone
  • Asking for/giving directions
  • Food/restaurants
  • Health  care
  • Current events/general  conversational skills
  • Expressing your opinion
  • Grammar in context (this isn't a grammar class but we  work on grammar related to  our discussions)

Check for your class dates/times on the calendar

Which is the right class for me?

Introductory Level (Easiest) Intermediate Level Immersion Level (Most advanced)

Designed for total beginners or for anyone who feels that they need to “start over”.

A great fit for anyone who is very timid to speak French.

Instruction/explanations are in English, activities are in French.

Lots of practice speaking, some writing.

Designed for students who have the basics and can follow directions that are given in simplified French.

Focus on vocabulary themes

Instruction/explanations are given in (simple) French, as much as possible, activities are in French.

Lots of practice speaking with a little writing!

Designed for students who can already have a conversation in French (beyond the basics).

Focus on vocabulary themes

Instruction is entirely in French, with some bilingual written instructions.

All activities are in French, and the expectation is that students will speak French only during group activities (to the best of their ability).

Class Size

Typical class size is 10-15 students, which ensures lots of one-on-one instruction time for everyone in the class.


Due to limited space, it is strongly recommended that you reserve your space in advance.

  • Please  send your contact information to  to add your name to the class list. 
  • Registration fee may be paid through the   Online Payment Options   
  • If you would like to register for upcoming programs, please contact us at your earliest convenience!



  • This 6 hour class is $129.99 
  • Employers will receive discounts for enrolling more than one employee. (First employee is full price, all remaining employees are $119.00
  • All course materials and receipts will be provided

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