Le Café français (French conversation time)

1 hour conversation times for French students looking for an online option to chat together in an informal setting


If you'd like to spend an hour speaking French, we will be getting together (via Zoom) on Monday nights (8:00 AST)!

  • The group will be facilitated by a certified French teacher with over 25 years' experience teaching adult students.
  • There is no course outline, no homework – just an opportunity for participants to French about whatever the group wants to discuss!
  • This group is intended for adult students (it would be suitable for high school students as well) who want a place to speak French in a friendly atmosphere. All levels are welcome, and everyone will be encouraged to support those who are at a different level than they are.

How do I join?

  • To participate, please email info@languageneeds.com and register, and let us know which date(s) you would like to be part of the group (some people will do this week by week, others might choose to pre-pay for a few hours at a time).
    • Please note: registrations will be accepted until 7:00 pm (AST) on the date of the group.

How much does it cost?

  • You'll be sent an electronic invoice for the hour-long group ($20.00 CDN, taxes included) which you can pay by e-transfer, credit card or Paypal.
  • Once your invoice is paid, you'll be sent the link to the Zoom meeting you've selected. If you haven't paid your invoice by 7:30 pm, it may not be possible to add you to the group.

When do these groups happen?

  • If you visit our website's course calendar, you'll see the dates that the group is happening. When you register, make sure you specify which date(s) you would like to pay for.