French Test Prep Class

Are you getting ready for a French Language Test? Not sure what you can do to prepare?

This class is designed to help potential French Proficiency candidates understand the Provincial and Federal language tests they will be doing. 

We will work on Oral, Reading and Writing skills in ways that are intended to mimic what happens in French testing. 

You will have the opportunity to practice your interview skills, reading comprehension and grammar/writing skills, similar to the actual test situations. You'll get lots of feedback to help you showcase your skills and  get the best possible result on your testing!

Check for your class dates/times on the calendar


  • New students: $220.00 (includes HST and materials)
  • Returning students receive at  discount: $200.00 (includes HST and materials) 
  • 10% discount per new student you recruit (recruited student must register and complete one of the current programs)
  • Employers will receive discounts for enrolling more than one employee.
  • All course materials and receipts will be provided

Payment Options

  • Online Payment Options include email money transfers, Paypal or Credit Cards
  • Cash can be paid on the first night of your course
  • Cheques made payable to Blakely Language Services can be paid on the first night of your course
  • Shopico deals *based on availability